Welcome to The Fourth Generation – a new blog about climate and energy technology, established and maintained by Terrestrial Energy. This important new platform is provided for educating the public about energy issues and new technologies that they may not be aware of in their work-a-day lives.

It is not easy to get the straight goods on our global energy system. Even the so-called experts often get it wrong. The reason is because energy is complex. And people most often miscalculate how complex it truly is. They believe there’s a simple answer. But there never is. Not for a global energy system. The function of The Fourth Generation is to try to demystify all of this, and to help people to digest it.

The vast majority of people who benefit from energy have no idea how it works or where it comes from. They are busy people, and they simply don’t have the time to do their own research. They put their lives in the hands of elected officials, who are unfortunately not necessarily influenced by the best possible technologies, but by powerful lobby groups, particularly from the fossil fuels industry.

However, people do have the capability of understanding the issues, if the issues are properly communicated to them. This blog gives the average person the benefit of the doubt, and it views them as important constituencies who should have an influence over their own energy destiny. This blog is meant to give the average energy-user some tools to prosecute their own energy wealth; To equalize the fight that they face against mercenary actors that do not always take account of the population’s best interests.

The views expressed by The Fourth Generation are not the views of Terrestrial Energy.

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