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About The Fourth Generation

Welcome to The Fourth Generation – a blog about energy technology and climate, established and maintained by Terrestrial Energy.

This platform is provided to inform enquiring readers, who want to stay abreast of new energy technologies, and have an interest in the energy issues of our day, and in the progress to find enduring clean energy solutions.

It is not easy to get clear perspectives of our global energy system; it is complex.  We too often miscalculate how complex it is, and in doing so, risk the comfort and reassurance of simplistic, quick and convenient solutions. We want to believe there is a simple answer, but solutions to difficult problems are typically not simple.  The transition of the global energy system to a clean, reliable, cost-competitive energy system is a very difficult problem. The purpose of The Fourth Generation is to help demystify, and to help its readers digest issues and developments.

We all benefit from energy, some far more than others.  Despite energy being the great enabler of our modern world and of our brighter future, the vast majority of us have little understanding how the energy system works, where energy supply comes from, or how it is delivered.  Life is busy and full of distractions. Even for those with great interest in energy, there is often little time to research and digest. However, we all have the capability of understanding the issues, when carefully communicated.

This blog views the enquiring reader as an important member of a broader constituency that can contribute to our energy dialogue, and from an informed position, influence energy choices.  The intention is that this will ultimately lead to an increase in clean energy wealth, not just for the reader of this blog, but for all of us.

Thank you for reading.